Tuesday, 21 August 2012

How To Be Modest and Sexy at The Same Time

Bikinis have been worn overtime and their use continues to increase. One piece bikini swimwear is considered decent as most parts of the body are covered and is functional at the same time. Buying a one piece wear depends on several things. Firstly, the wearer should consider their body-structure and what part of the body they intend to highlight. Secondly, color and prints also contributes a lot to having the right swimwear and bringing out the real you in the piece. The market is full of sexy and trendy one piece wear and buyers cannot be excused to find what appeals to them.

Unlike the two piece wear, one piece bikini comes in different amazing styles ranging from strapless wear to one shoulder piece. The incredible designs that come with such wear are amazing and beyond what any ordinary person would think. The days when one-piece use to be standard for both adults and children is over and a buyer will be amazed at the incredible designs that are available in the market both online and in walk-in shops. Online shops have added to importance of the wear by the way they are artistically displayed. Buying online is not difficult if a buyer knows their size and their preference.

Finding the right one piece bikini wear is vital. The piece is meant to complement your body and be functional at the same time. For those who value modesty then the less skin left out the better. But for those who are comfortable wearing the one-piece but prefer showing more skin, then go for the trendy and sexy designs that cover all the basic parts of the body. One does not have to fit into a matronly bikini when the market is overflowing with several incredible sexy designs for people of all ages. Going for what appeals to one will go along way in making them comfortable at the beach or swimming pool.

One of the benefits that come with one piece bikini is that when the right colors are worn, then they have a better fitting and gives the wearer a toner and slimmer body than the two pieces. Women who for one reason or another have had to go through surgery or have some body scars that they need to keep under wraps while at the beach should opt for the one-piece suit. This will be able to keep the scar away from the public eye and the stares that many people would throw at them from one time to the other. There is more information on where to get one-pieces here http://buykinis.co.uk/blog/

The comfort that come with the one piece bikini cannot be underrated. One does not have to worry of the bra slipping and leaving their body parts showing or the bikini line being too low. Those with bust-line worth showing can opt for the ruffled tops while those who need to keep eyes off their burst should consider going for two colored piece in-order to have that stunning look without overdoing it. Finally, one piece is a fashion statement that will still continue being in the market and has a sexy and slimmer effect compared to its other counterparts.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Flattering Bikinis

Not every woman has the guts to wear bikinis when at the beach during outings or getaways. Some are not confident and others are not comfortable. But come to think of it, isn't it a bit impractical to wear such full body outfits at the beach? For me, it's kind of comical and awkward. I know that not all women have the perfect body but swimwear is not just for those women with perfect figures.

Bikinis are deigned to suit everyone. And by everyone, I mean all women in the world. Women should realize that wearing bikinis doesn't mean displaying your body for the purpose of seducing men. I know a lot will think that way. But the truth of the matter is it's one way of having fun and enjoying the heat of the sun when you are at the beach. There are few things that every woman should remember when wearing bikinis. One, love your body. Appreciate it and forget insecurity. Don't focus on the flaws such as having stretch marks or having big hips. Instead, be thankful that you have a body that is healthy and functional. Next, choose the right bikini. Keep in mind that you will be wearing them in public so might as well select the perfect bikini.

Choose one that is flattering. Shop around and visit lots of swimwear boutiques to find that bikini that looks good on you and fits you. Be sure that you are comfortable wearing them. There are many styles to choose from, from sporty tank bikini to the sexiest tankini. You can also try to mix and match. And if you are not that comfortable to overly exposed, you can wear cover-ups or use sarongs. When you are already at the beach, don't feel intimidated. Almost everyone is wearing a two piece so you might want to join the crowd. Don't think that people are looking at you. Yes, there will always be that watchful eyes but don't be too conscious about yourself.

Everyone is busy partying, eating, drinking and swimming, so stop worrying about how your body looks with those bikinis. Some may look at you but who cares? Do not care what strangers might think about you for you might missed to really enjoy yourself at the beach. The beach is beautiful and there are so many things to care about than the opinion of others. Take a swim, read a book, listen to music while lying on the fine sand or eat ice cream. Have some drink if that will help you relax and forget about your bikini. Enjoy the moment because you are blessed to experience the beauty of nature.

Lastly, wear that confidence. It's the key to really look good. You might feel some anxiety to wear bikinis but I tell you, just do it. Forget the feeling of being exposed or weird or embarrassed. You have to overcome those feelings. Do your own thing. You have to realize that bikinis are not made for models only. Everyone comes in different body shapes but everyone is beautiful in their own way. Don't compare yourself to the celebrities or bikini models. You are beautiful just the way you are.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What Exactly Is Swimwear?!

Swimwear can be clothes which are worn by either women or men when swimming. They can also be swimsuits, swim clothes or swim attires.There are classified into different categories or types depending on; color, styles or designs and even sizes.

Nowadays, types of swimwear are bought by individuals, according to his or her like. There are those Brazilian Styled swimwears which are one-piece and are mostly worn by adults. While teens prefer to wear Bikinis and Tankins can either be worn by adults or young ones.

One piece styles, are those swim wears, which vary from full coverage and plain to revealing and colorful. Sometimes back, they used to be fairly plain, but nowadays, they have become very showy and most attractive. If someone cannot like other types of swim wears, she is advised to go for one piece, since they are nice, stylish and can keep you feel very young and sexy.

Bikinis are swimwear, which have been designed in so many styles today. They have a string top, for tying and even tightening as well. You can either buy or choose, those ones which have a fully cover or barely cover. Since bottoms have the same styles and sizes, many people like; scoops and hip stars which are full or moderate .Moreover, these types of swim wears, have thong bikinis. Whereby, micro bikini is designed to be two inches at the widest point. While Brazilian, is made in a style which shows more of the back and the front part also. This makes them to have a unique style.

On top of the above, there are shorts for girls and boys. Girls shorts can be differentiated from those of boys, because they are tight, while for men are of either full or moderate coverage.

Tankini, are other types of swimwear, which are preferred by all people. It can be adults and teenagers. Designers, make them in a way, which can go past person's belly button, and stop under the chest. In most cases, they are paired with regular bikinis bottoms, so you can pair them with any style you want.

All the above types of swimwear, they have become popular to our beautiful women. They have various functions and make one to feel more comfortable in them. They are very light, so no weight added when swimming in water.

Since, swimming is one of the oldest sporting activities; it will only be best enjoyed if you will have a swimwear, which is made from special fabrics, in order to provide the body hugging counters, hence no absorption of water.

However, full body swimwear is considered to be less advantageous compared to partial swimwear. When they are worn; only the head, hands and feet will be exposed. Sometimes they are preferred, if the climatic conditions are cold or when water temperatures are low, so as to provide better insulation. Alternatively, they are the best for Muslims, and recommended by their religion to be worn by ladies or women.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Safe eShopping - Tips for Buying Bikinis Online

Girl in Bikini Swimwear
For even those among us who are completely confident in our bodies, buying bikinis online presents a unique challenge. How can we be sure that this scrap of clothing which looks so gorgeous on the models will look the same way on us? Is there anything that can be done to make sure that the bikini that arrives at our home will look and feel fabulous?

Fortunately, there ARE things every woman can do to increase her chances of buying the bikini that's best for her body, even without being able to try it on first by buying your swimwear online.

Before even beginning to look online for a bikini, it's helpful to take stock of what kind of bikini you would like to buy. Investigate styles and try to determine which ones will work best with your body type. If it's possible, go to a store and try on a few bikinis there. This is one of the best ways to be sure that a bikini will work well with your body type.

If you can't get to a store, take stock of your options. If you are quite slender and athletic, you will want to gravitate toward bikinis with bust enhancing details and consider things like ring-top bandeaus or ruffle trim. If you are curvier, you may find that a tankini will slim you down. If you have bigger thighs, consider cuts that actually go higher and show more leg as they will actually be more flattering, or consider styles that really draw attention to your bust line. If you are scrawny, consider patterns; if you are larger, consider darker colors.

Once you get to a website that you might like to buy from, be sure to always utilize the zoom in feature where it is available. This will often give you a better idea of what colors and patterns will really look like close up. Also be sure to check out the reviews that other customers have left for that particular bikini. Pay special attention to those that say it fits too big or too small, or that it is not covering areas they expected it to. This can be especially telling when many people have the same complaint.

Choose online retailers that have return policies that are favorable to the customer. Always make sure that the bikini can be returned if there is a problem with the fit, and that you have a reasonable amount of time to return it. Also try to determine if they refund your money or will only give you credit to be used on their online site at a later time.

Finally, remember that shopping for anything online should be fun, and look for styles, cuts, and colors that you enjoy and that you believe suit your unique style. Chances are that your intuition when combined with some of the tips above won't lead you wrong, and a fabulous new bikini will be in your hands.

Once your bikini arrives and fits you well, don't be afraid to go out there and wear it with confidence. If you think you look amazing, everyone else will think to too.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Macro Bikinis - The New Micro Swimwear

The history of the bikini dates back to ancient Greek, when women athletes wore them in the field almost fourteen hundred years ago Before Christ. As the world became modernized the bikini underwent several changes. In the modern age, for example, a new design of bikini swimwear was made in the year nineteen thirteen. It is not actually French man Louis Reard that designed the first bikinis, although his version was much more modern as compared to the other ancient designs. The macro bikinis are an example of the different designs that come with the bikini.
There are several factors that set the macro bikini apart from their rather skimpy counterparts, one of them being the fact that they are not as revealing, An example of these being the tankini. Tankinis hit the market back in the nineteen nineties, and are example of those bikinis that are non-revealing. They come with a tank top that is usually held up by strings resembling those that support a spaghetti top. The first ever tankini was worn by Ann Cole a United States of America swim wear model. The tankini has also undergone several numerous changes throughout the years with the most recent one being just a cropped top, and a separate bottom.

  The macro bikinis come in two designs:

The camkini: The camkini almost resembles a camisole and is very conservative in nature. It completely contrasts the tank top of the tankini. In the year two thousand, the camkini was officially introduced to the public by the Ebony fashion fair. The bottoms of this bikini makes are mostly high waisted and a camisole top that is pretty conservative.

 • The Bandeaukini: The bandeaukini's top almost looks like an elastic tube, since it entirely covers the chest all round and lacks straps. All that one has to do is slip it over the head to the chest. These bikinis come in a wide range of colors and patterns and more often than not they are accompanied by square-cut bottoms, created for the much conservative woman. A key advantage of the macro bikinis is the fact that they fully flatter the body of the plus size woman, as well as, those with much bigger bosoms. For the ladies with a longer trunk, the tankinis are a perfect choice since they make the torsos appear much shorter. With these bikinis, it is very easy for the wearer to manipulate them depending on her mood since; it is easy to mix the colors of the top and bottom and get away with it. The macro bikinis are not only perfect for swimming but for skiing and sun bathing, as well. With these designs, the wearer can rest assured that accidental exposures are kept at bay. Another advantage of the macro bikini is the fact that it can perfectly fit any woman not withstanding her age or size. The only flesh that these bikinis show is the one around the midriff, proving further that it is possible to feel modern and chic in a swimwear without revealing too much flesh, and this can only be done with the macro bikinis.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Get the Best Use Out Of Your Brazilian Bikini

Bikinis are light garments that are worn mostly for sporting events and for fun. When you are buying a bikini, you normally focus on what you are going to use them for. In this way, you can buy the right Brazilian bikinis that will help you achieve your objectives. When you are buying swimwear, you are buying a multipurpose garment that you can use for various tasks. The following therefore are some of the ways you can use your bikini.

When swimming, there is need for you to be light dressed so as to be comfortable. Bikinis help you to achieve just this. Brazilian bikinis are light in weight which makes it easy for you to swim without any problems. The bikini too covers your private parts well and tightly thus making you comfortable. When wearing a bikini, you do not have to worry about exposing yourself to the public. Whether you are swimming in the public or private, you can be sure of having good time with a peaceful mind. Because bikinis hold you tight, you can swim, move around and have a good time without having to worry about the garments getting off your body.

Brazilian bikinis are used for various sports enhancement. As you know, sports need garments that are tight and comfortable when sporting. One such sport is beach volleyball or soccer. This type of sport is played on the beach which makes it hard for players to wear the normal sporting garments. The field events too have not been left behind. For instance, if you are an athlete, you will definitely need a bikini more so if you participate in highly mobile sport events. High jump for instance requires you to wear a bikini because you have to jump but still not expose yourself. Although this is to make you comfortable, it also helps the fans to concentrate on the sport event rather than you.
beach relaxation

When you go to the beach, you would like to enjoy yourself to the fullest. It can be hard sometimes to do so if you are with your usual garments. Brazilian bikinis can help you to achieve the best time ever on the beach. Beaches are mostly known to be hot which means that you need light clothes to be comfortable. Furthermore, the beach is very unpredictable as you can do anything. For instance, you can run deep into the ocean and start swimming at anytime. This wonderful experience needs you to be in a bikini for you to enjoy yourself better.

Advertising is one of the highest paying industries in the world. Brazilian bikinis can help you if you are a model who is involved in advertising industry. Bikinis expose your beauty to the public and this can be a perfect tool for marketing. For instance, cosmetics are advertised by models who expose their beautiful body to show how smooth skin one can have if they use the cosmetic.

When you are buying Brazilian bikinis, you need to be sure what you are going to use it for. Furthermore, your personal preference can take centre stage when buying a bikini. The good thing about the bikini is that you have a lot of varieties to choose from. No matter what your preferences are, you are assured of getting your Brazilian bikini.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Selecting Swimwear For Different Body Shapes

Many women often worry about how they will look in their swimwear. The truth of the matter is that every lady desires to look fabulous in her swimsuit.

A good number of ladies always want to emphasize the strong points of her figure and minimize her weak areas. Due to this, several bikini buying tips come in handy. The tips are meant to assist women choose the right bikinis which make them look stunning. Swimsuits are normally quite revealing and ladies cannot afford to make any errors when it comes to selecting one. Comfort is a key factor to be considered when choosing a swimsuit and one should not overlook this important aspect.

Women have different body shapes and sizes; this is what makes each one of them unique. Women who have large busts need to pick bikinis which fully supports their busts and the rest of their body to achieve a perfect balance. The best swimsuit that is recommended for a lady falling in this category of women is the one that has halter-tops. This ensures that everything is kept in place for her to look and feel beautiful. A bikini that has extra strap that runs along one`s bust line and across her back will provide the necessary support. Ladies who have the inverted shape that is their top is relatively broader than their hips, should consider choosing a two piece with shorts or skirts. This is aimed at making her appear more proportional by balancing their top and hips.


A plus size lady may find it difficult to choose the right swimsuit. Hence, bikini buying tips would be of great assistance to her. A plus size woman may be worried sick about how she will look in a bikini. This may prevent her from enjoying long summer days with friends and family. She may even postpone swimming at any time of the year till further notice. Black and navy blue swimsuits will definitely make a plus size look slender and attractive. Spandex is a great pick as it can stretch. A plus size should never squeeze into a swim suit smaller than her actual size. Doing so will only make her uncomfortable and much more aware of her body. One in this category should also stay away from bikinis that have horizontal stripes as these stripes only make them look bigger than they really are.

One with a large belly ought to go for a one -piece swim suit. However, if one really wants a two-piece suit then halter tops which fall over her bikini bottoms are recommended. These halter-tops have the effect of hiding one's stomach and elongating her body such that she appears tall and slim. An individual with a large stomach may also opt for a printed bikini which diverts focus from her stomach area.

A woman with large hips ought to consider buying boy shorts. She ought to stay away from scanty bikini briefs which will only expose her rear and make her feel uncomfortable. Skirted bikini bottoms are great for the lady with large hips. This is because they make one`s leg look amazing but still hide one`s rear end very well. As for the top, bright colors are great. They draw attention away from one`s broad hips and make her look well balanced.

The curvy woman ought to go for the tankini. It is a two-piece suit which has a top that looks like a tank top. A tankini can go very well with hipster bottoms. These kind of bottoms give one`s curves enough support for maximum comfort. Swimsuits that have cutouts on their sides also look great on curvy women. They look a lot slimmer in them while still showing off heir lovely curves.

A woman with a small butt has to know a few things. The first one is that thongs and bikini bottoms that are triangular in shape make her bottoms look flatter than they really are. She should go for brief type or decorated bikini bottoms. As for the one with small breasts, swimsuits with ruffles or sequins add an additional layer onto the bikini`s fabric making one`s breast appear bigger. As seen above, ladies of all shapes and sizes can look attractive in their swimsuits if they consider the mentioned bikini buying tips.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Things to Know When Buying a Bandeau Bikini

Bandeau bikinis form the most desirable swimwear for women all over the world. Not only are they convenient but they are also very nice and decent because they don't keep falling off. It is elegant and subtle swimwear that every woman of style must have. The bandeau style is desirable because it is not as revealing as the other styles because it covers most of the cleavage and if the top is a tank top, even the navel. There are different necklines and straps styles for the bandeau bikini top and these include:


Strapless bandeau bikini tops are a hot favorite for many women because they cling to the skin more and they look really stylish. Even if the bust is small they are less likely to fall of and so many women prefer them to the other styles. One can get various styles such as ruffled, beaded, sequins, lace and fringed. The bandeau bikinis will always come out fantastic one every woman if the right size is chosen plus they are very stylishly made. One can also choose a strapless bandeau tankini to go with nice matching bikini bottoms and they will look great.

The halter neck

Most bandeau bikini tops are in this style. The strap is either fixed and goes over the neck or the two pieces are tied around the neck to meet each other. This is the most convenient bandeau top because it secures the bikini top upwards so it's less likely to slide. The top can be styles in many ways and the cleavage can go as low as the other types of tops because the straps are securing the top. Small busted women will find this style very suitable because it gives an impression of a fuller chest. There are also ruffles, fringes; sequins and lace to decorate the bikinis but the plain ones are also nice.

Spaghetti straps

The two straps are very nice because they make the bikini hold very securely on the shoulders. The bikinis are very stylishly made with some fold details and usually, draw strings at the center. The cleavage can go as low as desired because the straps hold well. One can also get a tankini in the same style and it looks fantastic. The top can be sewn in ruches or fixed with an under-wire to hold well and also to lift the bust upwards nicely to give the nice cleavage many women desire to show off.

The single strap

Apart from being very unique and stylish, the single strap bandeau is very nice. The strap will normally run from one shoulder to the other and create a crossing impression on the chest. If you are into water sports then this is the perfect bandeau for you because it is finely secured and no matter how many maneuvers you make you wont need to keep pulling it up. This unique style is accompanied by fringes, ruffles and even lace. The tops can also be just plain because the single strap is already overkill. These are the most common styles for the bandeau bikinis.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Stand Out From the Crowd!! Micro Bikinis

All sorts of bikini are being offered nowadays. But for someone who really wants to make a bold and strong impression, the best way is to get a piece of the latest fashion which comes in the form of the micro bikinis. This type of bikini is creating a name of its own due to the creative way it is presented by the creators.

There are hundreds of clothing stores opening up options for this particular type of bikini, colorful and includes different patterns and designs and was created to enhance the body features of the wearer. Some of the best-selling micro bikini suits are low-rise and has full coverage with front and with string sides, while some have a puckered thong backside that nicely contours rear.

A lot of fashion models and even sports models are venturing into owning this precious design. There are so many bathing suits out there. But if you really want to highlight your features and get the job done, then it would be best to try one of this suits. Not only does it elevate your fashion sense, it lets you create an image of strength as well as confidence. Not many women would be able to carry this bathing suit and if you are seen on the beach or pool side wearing one of these, you are sure to grab the attention of everyone.  

How to Choose Your Micro Bikinis

The style of micro bikinis is virtually the same. The only features that would differ are the bottom. The bottom features have to be bold and has to have triangle and full tops design. You would have to be courageous in choosing the pieces. Remember that these bathing suits will offer minimal coverage. But the good thing here is that they are adjustable. They also come in ties around the neck and the back. You can mix and match the designs together and you can create your ideal look. Micro bikinis are wonderful because the design is just simple but it creates a statement. They do not make the wearer look trying hard. They have a simple way of garnering attention without looking cheap. They also have T back designs that come with a string bikini. But you do not have to tie them on the side. They come out as one solid piece around and perfectly highlight the waist area. While you are still young, it is time to highlight your perfect features. Let the micro bikinis tell the world how beautifully crafted you are as a woman.  

How to Take Care of Your Micro Bikinis

Remember that these are one-of-a-kind piece and you need to learn how to take care of the fabric in order to maintain the beauty of the piece. Do not wash them together with other clothing. Wash them in lukewarm water and avoid using harsh detergents. It would be best to hand wash this type of fabric to avoid the tumbles of the washing machine. This would help maintain the sturdiness of the fabric.
Kelly in Blue Bikini

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Great Ideas for Beachwear other than Bikinis

The summer season is fun to let go and enjoy yourself, especially at beaches. When we think of summer or vacation clothes, we usually think of bikinis or swimwear. There is no limiting yourself since you can go for a swim, participate in beach volleyball, enjoy a drink at the bar or just lounge and read a book in your bikini. It is therefore important to ensure that you have prepared yourself with the appropriate BeachWear in order to fully enjoy the season.

The complex task however usually lies in finding the appropriate BeachWear to suit the particular occasion in question. It is quite important to take into consideration the weather conditions before you go shopping. This is owing to the reason that there are some coastal areas that normally turn brisk within no time.Some of the most important wear that you need to have are:

1.Sun Hat
A sun hat is without doubt a must have BeachWear item since it will come in handy when you want to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. The sun can be quite harsh at times and you don't want to be in a position where you can't enjoy yourself because of the scorching sun. In addition to this, you will also prevent your face and neck from getting sun burns as well. It is advisable to wear sunglasses with your hat for a stylish and classy look.
Tetra Pak - Girl in sun hat with Tetra Classic package, 1960s
It is mandatory to get a swimsuit before heading down to the beach. This is so that you can be sure to enjoy the warm inviting water of the ocean by taking a swim once you are there.Always ensure that the swimsuit you choose complements your body's shape and size. This way, you will be able to boost your self-esteem hence no need of worrying about prying eyes and disapproving looks. Bikinis are always a good option, especially Brazilian or Micro Bikinis.
2012 Sexy Bikinis Golden White Tape In Low Price
A sundress is an excellent fashion choice when it comes to BeachWear. You will easily lounge at the chair, on the sand or even at the cafe when you have a stylish dress on. In addition to this, you will also be able to cover up your swimsuit perfectly especially when you don't want to carry extra luggage around while at the beach. Choose a color that matches with your shoes, hat and accessories.

You should therefore plan ahead of time when you want to have a pleasant summer experience. This means that you need to window shop, both online and offline, so that you may be able to take advantage of all the great offers that may be available. Always ensure that you have a trusted friend with you when you go shopping for BeachWear since this is the best way to get feedback on whether you look great in what you are buying or not. All in all, it is not impossible to look hot and classy when at the beach when you have tips on getting great BeachWear. You'll always look stunning.

Soon you'll be looking just like the bikini clad girls in this video ;)

Remember that you won't be at the water all the time so ensure that you have a sundress on that will allow you to mingle.